Your-Super-Cool Just-A-Minute_Income-Accelerator

JUSTJAMME embraces the core fundamental value of time!

We all have the same amount of time in a given day…1440 minutes to be exact. How you use it, is your choice.

JUSTJAMME provides an ecosystem where time can be bought and sold in a secure, hassle-free and admin-free environment, thus embracing the principle ‘Time I$ Money’

What is the JUSTJAMME App?

It’s an easy-to-use digital App that enables you to:

  • Buy time-per-minute from other users

  • Sell your time-per-minute to other users

  • All in a secure, hassle-free and admin-free environment

That is it. No more. No less.

Irrespective whether you’re a Buyer or Seller of time, you have:

  • Full upfront clarity on all costs & charges

  • A hassle-free and admin-free experience that is easy to use

  • Instant and secure processing of charges via STRIPE, the global secure payment platform

  • Clarity on all transactions and income earned as a Seller

Why do YOU need JUSTJAMME?

We all live in a world of instant gratification where ‘Time I$ Money’!

  • You only have 1440 minutes each day

  • How many times have your heard: "Can I have just a minute of your time please?"

  • Do you know something others want to learn about?

  • Do you feel the bite of increasing costs and inflation, and some extra $’s can make a difference?

  • Do you have skills others are still honing?

  • Do you have something to share or show others, where they would be prepared to pay you per minute?

  • Do you have a particular experience that others seek information about? Perhaps your latest travel?

  • Are you an Influencer or Socialite and wanting to monetize your time per minute?

  • Why pay for an hour, if you just need a minute, or a few? #payasyouneed

  • Are you looking for "Just-A-Minute" of someone else's time?

  • Boost your cash by selling a few minutes of your time, by doing something you probably already doing...

JUSTJAMME is a platform that connects like-minded people who truly appreciate that ‘Time I$ Money’.

How does JUSTJAMME work?

It is as simple as 1-2-3…

  • You are a Seller of your time | You decide on your $ ‘Rate-Per-Minute’ (RPM) that potential Buyers will see

  • You are a Buyer of time | You decide on your ‘Money-Cap’ that is the amount reserved on your card as your maximum spent for that session thus protecting you

  • Buyers and Sellers | Can both stop the session as any time

  • Your 1st connection | Connect easily via JUSTJAMME 'Chat' prior to your 1st session to agree on where, how and when you want to connect

  • Your JUSTJAMME session...use your favourite App? | Whatsapp | Teams | Zoom | Messenger | Telegram | In-person | Whatever and whichever way You and the Seller are comfortable with | We don’t prescribe how you connect

  • We track the TIME | We measure the Minute(s) | We take care of the the billing | Secure | Safe | Hassle free | Admin free

Download the App Now

EASY….steps 1, 2, 3, 4 …  #monetizeyourminutes 

  • Download the ‘JUSTJAMME’ App from iOS or Google Play App Store

  • Setup your user profile | Buyer | Seller | Both

  • Share your JUSTJAMME profile or handle with others

  • You need a minute? | Ask others if they can do a JUSTJAMME session

  • Others want just-a-minute from you? | Share your JUSTJAMME handle and ask them to connect via the App

Available In Your App Store Soon!