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If I just had a minute from an expert / someone to help solve my problem….we have all been there before right!

This is the use case that JUSTJAMME solves…it helps you to get a minute in an easy, hassle-free, admin-free and secure manner…

There are 100’s millions of people in the world with problems or challenges where they just need a minute | there are 100’s millions of people in the world that already experienced this same problem, or an expert at solving it | JUSTJAMME provides a safe, secure, hassle-free and admin-free way to connect these people.

Whom can benefit? Anyone really…. as all those ‘free’ minutes add up quickly….they no longer need to be ‘free’…

  • Are you a Professional, and now everyone just wants a few informal minutes of your time…your ‘quick free input’ …Legal advice, Medical advice, Architectural advice, Accounting advice, Pharmaceutical advice…
  • Are you the Home DIY expert, the Plumber, the Electrician, the Builder, the Architect…that needs to ‘just quickly’ help an acquaintance for free with a problem?
  • Are you the YouTuber, the Instagrammer, the Social Media Personality that is desperately looking for ways how to monetize your minutes and make more money from your followers?          
  • Are you the IT boffin, the IT Programmer, the Software Developer, the Web developer and since you in IT or Tech everyone thinks you need to help them solve their endless computer problems for free?
  • Are you the Journalist….now everyone thinks you need to help them with their article, their document that needs to be worded in a really professional manner and do all this for nothing?
  • Are you the Chef…now everyone wants you to help them prepare that special dinner for free(and you not even invited…)?
  • Are you the Scrum Master, the Digital Product Owner, the Agile expert, and now everyone just wants to ‘steal’ a few minutes of your time to give them advice how to set up their Agile Teams?
  • Are you the Teacher – and everyone expects you to assist their kid that is struggling with a specific subject?
  • Are you the world traveller that have seen the world – now everyone is asking you to help them plan their travel itinerary?
  • Are you the Artist, and people just want you to give them some guidance how to better their artwork?
  • Are you the Video Editor and now everyone wants you to help edit their holiday or wedding video?
  • Are you the Photographer and all of a sudden you have to take pictures of kids birthday parties, weddings or celebrations?
  • Are you the Florist and now you need to help make wedding bouquets, and give your time for free?       
  • Are you the Makeup artist that is asked to do the girls makeup for Matric farewell, all for free?
  • Are you the Estate Agent that needs to give free advice what the process is how to buy a property?
  • Are you the Jeweller that needs to fix everyone’s jewellery quickly and for nothing?
  • Are you the Drone Pilot that needs to train others how not to crash their drones?
  • Are you the Mobile Phone Salesmen that need to help all setup their new phone even after work hours?
  • Are you the Social Media Specialist that can help others get their Social Media Strategy in place?
  • Are you the Voice Artist that wants to make extra dollars using your God given talent?

Get the point…. we all have skills, we all have talents, and we all are asked perhaps too often for just a (free) minute…. with JUSTJAMME it no longer needs to be free!

You determine your earnings per minute by setting your Rate-Per-Minute / RPM in your user profile. You can change this in settings at any time

You decide how much time you have, when, where and how you want to connect with Buyers

You can see how much the Buyer is planning on spending on the session as you will see their ‘Money-Cap’ at start of the session.

You can see your maximum earning potential from the session | 90% of Money cap value will be paid to you | 10% deducted to cover STRIPE and JUSTJAMME charges with a minimum value of =1.00$

You decide what the maximum amount is what you want to spend on the session with the ‘Money-Cap’ | this default amount is set in your profile | you can also edit it at the start of every session | this amount will be reserved on your credit card with the actual usage charge billed at end of session.

You know at the start of a session, and upfront, exactly what the cost per minute is, i.e. Seller Rate-Per-Minute / RPM

You can see the average length of sessions from the Seller that gives you an indication what to expect

You can see the Seller rating on their profile, in other words how other JUSTJAMME users rated them

To get the most out of JUSTJAMME we recommend that you register as BOTH | BUYER & SELLER

This way you can easily sell your time to others, but equally easy also buy time from others should you need to

BUYERS can share their JUSTJAMME Profile with others easily via the App

SELLERS can share their JUSTJAMME Handle with others easily via the App

  • SEARCH | JAM name or handle in search field
  • REVIEW | Sellers profile page | Select as favourite should you wish
  • CHAT | to agree on how & when you want to connect | Schedule the meeting or appointment if needed
  • BEFORE YOU START | Use Chat or social media to connect with Seller on the date / time as agreed, all as per your preferred method e.g. Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Teams, Zoom …or whichever channel you prefer
  • GET READY | When both Buyer and Seller is connected via the agreed call or chat APP, agree to start session | BUYER only can click on GET READY to start session
  • RATE-PER-MINUTE (RPM) | Buyer can check one last time what the Sellers RPM for session is!
  • BUYERS ‘MONEY-CAP’* | Buyer can change Money-Cap value per session to protect yourself from spending more than planned
  • START BUYING TIME | Buyer clicks to start session
  • START SELLING TIME | Seller clicks to accept session. Session is now running
  • TIME | As the session is running you can see the JUSTJAMME timer running, as well as the charge
  • STOP | BUYER and / or SELLER can STOP the session at any time
  • SUBMIT RATING | BUYER and SELLER can rate each other at the end of the session

*Money-Cap automated time-out requires mobile network access


Download the ‘JUSTJAMME’ App from iOS or Google Play App Store

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